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Managing areas with saline soil by practicing eco-agriculture in Maha Sarakham Province, Thailand

This eco-agriculture is located in the zone of Pratai soil series, area of Muang district, Maha Sarakham province. The area has soil with medium salinity. Traces of salt were found about 10-50% of the area. Most of the land is used for the paddy field based on rain water. Regarding the technological use of managing the area with saline soils by practicing eco-agriculture, the objective is to reduce the salinity level in the soil and develop the area with saline soil to be able to grow a variety of plants. This has made farmer living in the area with saline soils have better products, incomes and life qualities. Mr. Jatuporn Thienma bought a farmland accounting for 8 rai and transformed the whole area into an area of integrated agriculture whereby the area was divided into a 0.24 ha paddy, a 0.16 ha pond, a 0.64 ha plantation of fruit trees and perennial plants, and a 0.24 ha elevated  furrow- plantation of fruit trees. Water resources are managed by collecting rain water falling in the area. Moreover, the eco-agriculture system is managed to bring about circulation of matter and energy so that external dependence on factors of production is reduced as much as possible without using chemicals to get rid of pests and chemical fertilizers.