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Integrated agriculture-based land use in areas with saline soil

The problem of soil degradation in areas with saline soil originates from  chemical and physical degradation and low fertility which are main limitations for land use, including shortage of water in the dry season and intermittent rain during cropping season. Farmers in the area of growing rice every year between May and October by implementing wisdom going through error-trial farming including knowledge gained from performing duties as soil doctors stationed at Non Thai district, Nakhon Ratchasima which is done by growing vegetables for export supported by  Marketing  Organization  for  Farmers,  Non  Thai  district,  Nakhon  Ratchasima  province cooperating  with  private  companies.  Regarding  soil amendment  for  planting  vegetables  in  the Northeast, the method to increase and keep the fertility level throughout the harvesting season, including  off-season  production  of  chili spur  pepper  is  to  increase  organic  matter  and  plant nutrients,  and  to  adjust  pH  values  to  be  suitable.  They  can  be  planted  in  the  irrigation  zone throughout the  year. However, the best time for planting them is in the period of January and February which is when chili peppers have good prices. For areas outside the irrigation zone, they should be planted in the rainy season. Chili peppers can thrive in every kind of soil, but the most suitable soil is sandy loam. They do not like waterlogged or wet areas because this condition can cause the root to become rotten and the plant to die easily. The form of planting chili peppers in Thailand is different according to soil characteristics. In any case, whatever methods are used,farmers   place   importance   on   procedures   of   cultivation   preparation,   watering   as  well   as maintenance for diseases and insect prevention. This also includes vetiver as soil covering 
together with application organic fertilizers, fermented bio-extracts and useful microorganisms. Good soil management will make chili trees become strong and disease and insect resistant. This has been brought about challenges to overcome the nature with limitations in terms of soil, water and the environment whereby there is a motto lived by stating that "There is nothing easy and nothing difficult  either  if  we  understand  the  nature  before  taking  actions.  Do  not  view  money  as denomination, but look at the value of products to occur at first."