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Khanap Nak community way: Restoring deserted shrimp farms with nipa palm forestry plantation

It  started  in  2001  when  Associate  Professor  Dr.  Nopparat  Bumrungrak,  Professor  of Faculty of Science, Songkhla Nakarin University, wanted to conduct research regarding utilization from nipa palm trees and was interested in restoring deserted shrimp farms to become land in use. Therefore, Mr. Kovit proposed areas at this location to be made as demonstration plots. Based on soil and water analysis, it was found that this area was suitable for planting nipa palm. The task started with the area of 3 rai to be transformed from deserted shrimp farms into nipa palm forests.There was extension of planting nipa palm trees more. After having planted for 7 years, yields from the nipa palm trees started to be collected