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Community Enterprise: Nipa Palm Sugar Processing Group, packages of Chantarangsee plantation

Khanap  Nak  sub-district,  Pak  Phanang  district,  Nakhon  Si  Thammarat  province  is  24 kilometers away from the Pak Phanang district office. Currently, Khanap Nak sub-district has an area  of  about  24,250  rai.  It  has  10  villages.  It  was  found  that  the  Khanap  Nak  community  is characterized by having an area of a plain. The area is adjacent to the gulf of Thailand on the east.It is connected to Pak Phanang river on the west whereby the Pak Phanang river has carried soil sediments to pile up at the mouth of the river for a long time. In 2015, the Khanap Nak community had the area of nipa palm forests or plantation from occupations regarding nipa palm forests as high as 4,578 rai accounting for 476 households. Comparing the quantity of areas of nipa palm forests, way of life related to and depending on nipa palm forests both in Nakhon Si Thammarat province revealed that Khanap Nak sub-district has the most area of nipa palm forests. Currently, nipa palm honey has been made in the Khanap Nak community more. The products obtained can be processed as a variety of products with good prices. This has increased incomes for households.