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1st CESRA Forum

           In September 2022, the Center of Excellence on Soil Research in Asia (CESRA) held its 1st CESRA Forum with Mr. Arunchai Putcharoen, Inspector General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, presiding over the opening ceremony. The meeting brought together representatives from CESRA member organizations, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and soil scholars. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charlie Navanugraha, the director of the CESRA Center, reported on the meeting, which focused on defining the CESRA research framework for the next 5 years, with an emphasis on sustainable and efficient management of soil resources. The conference comprised of in-person and virtual meetings, lectures, panel discussions, and roundtables. Participants were encouraged to suggest ways to improve CESRA's operation and develop research projects.

           CESRA was established on December 6, 2018, by the Global Soil Partnership and Thailand. The center collects soil data, conducts research and academic work, and builds and develops a network of cooperation among soil scholars from various countries in Asia. CESRA aims to exchange knowledge and experience in soil resource management to ensure sustainable use of soil resources in each country and contribute to achieving food security, environmental balance, and security amidst the challenge of climate change and the increasing demand for land due to the growing global population. The Department of Land Development is the main responsible agency for CESRA and works with a network of soil organizations, both domestically and internationally, to drive continuous operations.

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