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Report of the 1st the Center of Excellence on Soil Research in Asia (CESRA) Forum 19-20 September 2022 Bangkok, Thailand, Virtual

Year: 2022
Place: Thailand
Pages: 28
Author: Center of Excellence for Soil Research in Asia (CESRA)
By Country: Thailand
Publisher: CESRA
Keyword: CESRA Forum

Ms Gina highlighted the soil research networks such as CESRA, ASP, GSP and Asia hub is important for sustainable land management (SLM). Soil laboratory network called South-East Asia Laboratory Network (SEALNET) is a successful networking for harmonization of methods.CESRA could make a partnership to create soil research network, implement and contribute to soil management. This national soil monitoring network initiative of Asia region could develop a national strategy, focus on initiative and outcome and global implementation plan.

Reference: CESRA