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Report of the International World Soil Day Dialogue on “Soils: Where food begins” 5th December 2022 at Tak Land Development Station, Tak Province, Thailand

Year: 2022
Place: Thailand
Pages: 22
Author: Center of Excellence for Soil Research in Asia (CESRA)
By Country: Thailand
Publisher: CESRA
Keyword: CESRA World Soil Day

Ms. Pattraporn gave welcome remarks to participants from both domestic and international countries to attend the World Soil Day Celebration 2022 that included France, Mexico, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. She also expressed her gratitude to the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Special Fund, which is the forum's sponsor, for its support of the project "'Promoting and Sustainable Agricultural System in Lancang - Mekong Countries". She stated that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations launched World Soil Day in 2022 as part of the Global Soil Partnership. Its focus is on and emphasizes the significance of healthy soil for healthy food and a healthy life. Thailand, hosted by Land Development Department, has thus organized this International World Soil Day Dialogue on ‘Soils: where food begins’. World soil health is under pressure from several soil threats, including erosion, loss of soil organic carbon and biodiversity, pollution, and salinization. This international forum opens an opportunity for us to share knowledge about our soils, and to establish links among policy makers, experts, scientists and land uses for sustainable management of soils around the world.

Reference: CESRA