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The National Policy Frameworks on Integrated SLM to Apply in the Targeted Areas

Year: 2023
Place: Thailand
Pages: 51
Author: LDD
By Country: Thailand
Publisher: LDD
Keyword: LDD

      The negative impacts of climate change leads to reduce availability of natural resources and declining productivity. This causes food security crisis and increases poverty. Sustainable land management (SLM) is helping to increase average productivity, reducing seasonal fluctuations in yields, support diversified production and improved incomes. SLM is simply about people looking after the  land – for the present and  for the future.  The main objective  of SLM is  to integrate  people’s  coexistence  with  nature  over  the  long-term,  so  that  the  provisioning, regulating, cultural and supporting services of ecosystems are ensured. In consequence, actions are needed to combat and mitigate such problems. One approach is to mainstream Sustainable Land Management (SLM) to help resolve land degradation due to inappropriate,  unsustainable  and  overuse  of  land.  Challenges  include  3  issues;  1)  
policies, strategies and institutions; 2) economics and finance; and 3) knowledge and technology, of which should be integrated by knowledge management, capacity building and partnership.

Reference: LDD