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Impact of future tendency in climate change on agricultural practices and re-forestation

Year: 2023
Place: Thailand
Pages: 56
Author: Land Development Department
By Country: Thailand
Publisher: Land Development Department
Keyword: climate

Executive summary
Pa  Leaw  Luang  is  a  sub- district  in  Santisuk  District,  Nan  Province.    Its  location  is approximately 4  kilometers  north of  Suntisuk  District  Office  and  approximately 32 kilometers from the city of Nan Province.    The sub-district cover 10,607 ha.  It is  situated on a  valley floor between the mountain range to the east and west.  Flat and gentle slope land accounts for less than 15 %  of the entire sub-district.  The altitude ranges from 600 to 1200 meters above sea level.  Slope land is generally steeper than 35 percent.  Generally, farmers’ household economies fall in the semi- subsistence  category.    Food  security  relies  on  farm  produce  and  non-  timber  harvest  from community forests while maize and para-rubber are the major sources of income.  Apart from the bio- physical  constraints  that  govern  farming  activities  on  slope  land,  farmers  also  have  title legitimacy issues.

Reference: LDD