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The soil doctor network build sustainability in areas with saline soil and integrated farming system

Most agricultural areas in Northeast Thailand rely on rain water and some areas are saline soil. The most cultivated plant is rice. Currently, there is climate variability. Rain distribution 
has changed.  There has been labor shortage.  The labor cost is high. Production factors cost and most farmers are old. From  the  mentioned  reason,  adjusting  the  agricultural  system from  monoculture  to integrated farming is another alternative for farmers because it is the method of helping farmers utilize their own cultivation areas most worthily. This method can build diversities of products and food security. Integrated farming is combining at least 2 types of agricultural farms in the same period of time. Balance and sustainability are built for agricultural areas. Soil doctor network in the area of Ban Doo Noy, Non Daeng sub-district, Non Sila district, Khon Kaen province have transformed the area with rice cultivation conducted for only once a year into doing integrated farming through field level adjustment, adjusting levees for bigger  sizes, digging ponds in the field together with drilling artesian wells and cropping for many types,  namely rice, papayas, bananas and grasses for feeding animals on the levee, growing vegetables, cropping after rice harvesting, such as sunn hemp, sweet corn, sugar cane and raising cows etc.